Reclining Nude On La Cienega – Promo Trailer

Posted by Jann Karam on September 26th, 2012

Take a peek at this fun video from the show:

Reclining Nude on La Cinenega

Posted by Jann Karam on September 26th, 2012


A funny, touching narrative about families, relationships, breaking up, and growing up. It’s about a contemporary woman’s struggle to make her way to some place like an artists’ colony – to find tranquility, order, and happiness amidst life’s chaos.

Set in an artist’s studio – cans of paint, brushes, drop-clothes hanging from the rafters, etc.. “Reclining Nude” provides its questing onstage narrator, Jann, the opportunity to paint and she describes the people and events in her life.

By the end of the show, a group of once-blank canvases are filled with color and the abstract images that tell a universal story about life, love and finding a place to lie down.

Dana Carvey & Jann Karam “Reclining Nude On La Cienega”

Posted by Jann Karam on June 13th, 2012