Reclining Nude on La Cienega

A questing comedian’s colorful, hand-painted search for real life, true love, and a comfortable place to lie down. . .

Jann Karam takes every audience on a funny, touching (and colorful!) journey into the bewildering abyss of romance and family relationships.

Reclining Nude on La Cienega (Jann’s solo play) is a hilarious, insightful whirl of observations, truths, discoveries and brushstrokes both lamenting and appreciating the free-for-all of growing up.

Part waif, part Green Beret, Jann frets and holds forth as she paints the story of her life: her childhood in the Arizona desert; the ongoing (dumbfounding!) quandary of family; her failed relationships (on both coasts); and throughout it all, her quest to create a utopian artists’ colony is rife with joyful possibilities…and carrots. Her show is about the search for peace in a world of chaos— a universal story about life, love, and finding a comfortable place to lie down. . .

Reclining Nude on La Cienega  was recently produced and recorded for broadcast by the legendary George Schlatter.

Reclining Nude Teaser

…with intro by Dana Carvey.

Reclining Nude Gallery

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